BEAU | CA111, Week #5

San Fran as the sun goes down by Clive Hollingshead (CliveHollingshead) on 500px.comHats Off To The Insane by Jeremy Brooks (jeremybrooks) on 500px.comStreets of........ by Yves Kraus (YvesKraus) on

Media: Graphite on paper
Size: 18 x 24
Due: Aug 21
Perspective: 1pt

Find a picture/reference to work from.
Sketch in the “True” Horizon Line. All of the buildings will follow this line.
Sketch each of the incline/decline’s implied horizon line and vanishing point. The road will follow this line.
Create your drawing off of these “true” and “implied” lines.

You must have a minimum of these elements within your drawing:

  • 6 buildings
  • 1 road
  • 3 cars/vehicles
  • 3 trees
  • 2 clouds (1 near, 1 far)
  • 3 People

Note: The placement of your cars, trees and people determines the vanishing point/horizon line used. If you place them on the slope, then they will go to the implied line. If they are in the buildings, they will go to the true horizon line.

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