MK225 Unit 8 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:

Computer makers frequently offer information about the features of the product in comparison to competitors ( think of Apple’s recent personification campaign pitting a hip, young “Mac” against a graying, buttoned-up “PC” ). What advantages, or disadvantages, could such campaigns face in offering a detailed price comparison online? In what predictable ways could that influence price sensitivity?

Discussion Answer:
The current “Tablet Wars” are an excellent example of comparison shopping. There are currently at least half dozen tablet computers ( Kindle Fire, iPad, etc. ) on the market. Probably the best way to figure out which one of these products would be the best fit for you is to compare them. The advantage of shopping this way is that it would eliminate some of the choices because not all of them will have some of the features that you are requiring in the product. A disadvantage of this comparison would be misinformation being provided to make it look more like the the superior products.

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