MK225: Unit 4 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:

Select a popular content (news, information) website and identify all of the potential revenue sources that exist on the site. You should identify any forms of sponsorship and banner advertising. You should also address whether the site employs keyword or commission advertising strategies and whether the site has any unique online revenue from a product or service that could not otherwise exist.

Discussion Answer:

For this particular exercise I select to identify it’s potential revenue sources. This particular site is very straight forward when it comes to the advertising. There are 2 to banner ads on the main page of the website that are basically the sme ad just different sizes and located in different ends of the webpage. The sponsored ads are at the bottom of the webpage in a section called Deals & Tips. Lastly next to the Deals & Tips are a small list of Sponsored Links. There are also small links to other Microsoft products (Bing) and NBC shows (Today Show) around the page as well. The site appears to have a commission advertising strategy and does not have a product that would not otherwise exist.

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