MK225: Unit 3 Assignment Question

Assignment Question:

Briefly describe the three capabilities that underlie the GPT of individualization. Explain why they are important to internet marketing and give examples not in the text of how marketers can use them to create successful customer relationships.

Assignment Answer:

Firstly, the ability to recognize individual people, items and information is important because it is trackable and measured, which gives opportunities to make adaptations and innovate with the constant flow of information and feedback.

Secondly, remembering the relevant information pertaining to the product or project as well as learning from current activity is an excellent way to mold how things are presented and have a better idea how to adapt in the future. An example of this is have test screenings of hollywood films, that gives the studios, director and editor a way that reworking content can improve the quality and potentially making it a greater success.

Thirdly, being consistent when reacting on an individual basis to the available knowledge and demands builds trust and someone they can work on issues with directly. An example of this is when a representative of the company is available via IM chat or twitter to respond to in real time.


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