BEAU: MK225, Unit 3

Discussion Question:
Successful individualization requires fostering valuable interaction between consumer and producer. Visit the website of your favorite automaker and walk through the steps of building and customizing a vehicle online.

Identify how the interactive aspects of the site produce greater knowledge of the user customer and list specific ways that the interaction could be used to build intelligence into the sales system. Make sure you use concepts from this unit’s assigned reading in your answer.

FIAT: Fiat USA / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

Discussion Answer:
For this particular assignment, I selected the automaker that I am crushing on, Fiat. For some reason or another, I like small cars… Mini Coopers, Smart Cars and now the Fiat 500. When arriving at the Fiat USA website, there is a menu option for called “Build My Own” that will take to a section of the website to construct options for your vehicle. After selecting the “build” option, it asks you to select between two models (500 & 500c). There will be a pop-up for you to enter your zip code so they can locate the closest dealer. They ask you next to select Pop, Sport or Lounge options, which are just option package, like XM Sirius Radio or specialized wheels. following that, they ask if you would like Four Wheel Drive (FWD). They next selection is for interior and exterior colors as well as power train options. After all the options have been selected, it bring you to a summary page. The interactive aspects of the site produce greater knowledge the user by showing them how different options will look on the car and how specific options can improve the performance and life of the vehicle. it also gives you an idea of cost and payments per month. All though very helpful, there are other automobile site that illustrate options in a better fashion.

Grade: 20 / 20

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