CGR275: Syllabus

Course Number / Name: CGR275 Web Animation II

Hours / Credits: 40 hrs / 3 credits

Term: 04/19/2010 – 06/24/2010

Course Schedule: Monday / Wednesday, 5:45pm-7:55pm

Instructor: Oli Blanton

Prerequisites: CGR271

Course Desription: This course is a continuation of Web Animation, and will focus on advanced techniques to create interactive websites and digital animation.Current industry standard software will be usedto create interactive menus, timelines and vector-based animation.

Course Objectives: Upon Completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the core concepts of web animation.
  • Create an interactive website using animations.
  • Modify a movie clip using a scripting language
  • Load and optimize video, graphics, and animations
  • Use behaviors to create interactive movies
  • Learn how to create simple “preloader” animations

Required Texts:
Flash CS4 Professional For Window & Windows: Visual Quickstart Guide




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