EGC: Advanced Image Editing: Photoshop Self Portrait

Due: October 13th

Create a Self-Portrait of yourself in photoshop using an existing picture or a better option would be to creatively sketch some roughs of what you would like to do and then take the pictures of the correct poses to coincide with your composition. Be creative.

The restrictions of the assignment are

  • You must use a picture of yourself.
  • You may not use stock photography.
  • Pick a word that best describes you and incorporate it typographically in the self-portrait.

The support material must either be digitally made or self-taken photography.
Do not underestimate your ability to use photoshop. The best and highest marks will be given to those that push the boundaries of what they can accomplish as well as the difficulty of the composition. Don’t forget the skin smoothing techniques, masks and color corrections.

The assignmnent must be 11 x 17 (portrait or landscape), mounted.

Some examples of Self-Portraits styles that would be great to look at for creative food would be on the link below:
1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 19, 20, 24 and 26
(Note some of these examples did not have text but yours will)

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