Web sites can serve many uses for all sorts of people and businesses. A landing pager site generally is used to give brief & quick and important information in a blink of an eye. it’s aided with a contact form with contact information to reach the individual back if additional is required or requested.

BASIC (Single Page) | $250 per site

  • All Items will be on a website single page.
  • Graphic Header built specifically for purpose and page specs.
  • Text Message or Call To Action (Text Provided by Client)
  • Single Video Embed  (Video Provided by Client)
  • Simple Email Form (Forwards to Email of Client’s Chosing)
  • Social Links: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |  Etc. (Links Provided By Client) 

EXTENDED (Multiple Page) | $250 Per Site (See Above) + $100 per Page

  • Photo Galleries
  • Video Galleries
  • Contact Page


Adobe Muse is a website builder that allows designers to create fixed, fluid, and adaptive websites without having to write any code. Muse generates static websites giving users the freedom to host their sites with any hosting provider. Users can add more advanced functionality such as blogging and eCommerce to their website with plugins created by third-party developers. This application is available through Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription.

Coming Soon

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