Welcome to Lennon Design, you are probably wondering about our process and how we work together with you, The Customer! Below is our stand step-by-step process that includes meeting, gathering information, developing concepts, payments and delivery of final artwork.

The first step is to contact us, let us know you are out there. Feel free to contact via this website (contact page), Phone (801-699-3022), Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Next up, we want more details about your project! You can complete our Project Questionnaire form or if you are local to me, face-to-face meetings can be arranged and are preferred.

LD-Process-ContractOnce a meeting of the minds has occured, a contract will be drawn up to protect both parties.


The last step before the creation process begins, a deposit is required. This amount will be included in the contract and is generally 50% of the project. PayPal

LD-Process-ConceptPhaseThe next step is to brainstorm and research to develop possible concepts and provide suggestions. Most of our pricing includes 2-3 concepts, depending on the project.

LD-Process-DesignPhaseOnce a solid direction for the given project has been established, concepts designs are finalized and digitization is completed.

LD-Process-FullPaymentFull Payment is required at the completion of the design process.
(Invoicing via FreshBooks)


LD-Process-FinalArtAfter payment in full is we received, we release the Final Art. We deliver them via the following  file types (depending on the project): ai file (vector file), eps file (vector file), hi res jpeg (image  file), png file (image file) and others. as applicable.