Lennon Design would like to thank our clients for their continued support.

Raquel Baldwin – The Actor’s Studio
Projects: Avatar, Website

David Bowman – David Bowman Art
Projects: Website

Dave Dennison – Laughs Comedy Spot
Projects: Posters

Teresa Flowers, Sleepictures
Projects: Postcards, Posters, Retail Tags, Etc.

Huston Huddleston – New Starship
Projects: Membership Card, Certificate, Pinterest

Tim Hughes – Voice By Hughes
Projects: Logo, Website

Michael Reagan – Social Nature Company

Dale Rowse – Quilting Cowboy

Richie T. Steadman – x96’s Radio From Hell Producer
Projects: The Cultural Hall Podcast, Salt Lake Comedy Festival, Business Cards

Keith Stubbs – Wiseguys Comedy, StubbsCast

Tony Toscano – Talking Pictures Productions
Projects: Talking Pictures, Episodes, Logo

Jon Watkins – 101.5 The Eagle (Afternoons)
Projects: Personal SiteTeam Watkins Utah

Jay Whittaker – Comedian
Projects: Personal Site

Marci Wiser – On-Air Talent, Formerly for x96 & 101.5 The Eagle
Projects: Tattoo Cosmetics Logo