CCIS, History 101: Week #8

Overview: The Renaissance and Reformation era brought major changes beyond those in the intellectual and religious life of Western Civilization; overseas exploration and a new type of scientific activity based, not on pure logic, but on observation, shifted the paradigm of how western populations viewed the universe and their place in the world. This week we will explore how overseas expansion and experimental science changed the economic ...


CCIS, History 101: Week #7

Overview: During the sixteenth century, Europe experienced rapid and profound changes in its religious life as a result of the Protestant Reformation. This upheaval against the Roman Catholic Church challenged the very foundation of a society that had already been turned topsy-turvy by the unrest of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance revival of classical culture. This week we will explore the causes, course, and consequences of the ...

CCIS, English 112: 02/25/2013

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