BEAU | SS205, Week 11

Assigned Reading: None
Current Event: None

Test: Final Exam
GRADE: 75% (58/75)

Assignment: Final Paper & Presentation

As I said in the first class, the purpose of this class was to help you to begin to “think sociologically”.  To me, this means that you are curious about the world and why things are the way that they are.  You see the social forces at work in your life and in the lives of others and have a desire to discover those forces and reveal them to others.  In other words, you begin to think about things that you would like to research.  In your final paper, you will propose to do just that.  You will choose a topic, come up with a “problem” or issue that you would like to research, discover what research has already been done about this topic, and create a research proposal.

For this class, your proposal should be 5-7 pages, typed, and double-spaced.  It should cite at least five scholarly journal articles or books on the subject you have selected.  Please follow APA style for citations and a bibliography.  Due on the last day of class.

You will also present your proposal to the class after the final exam.  Your presentation should last at least five minutes, but no longer than ten, not including time at the end for questions.  Please use power point, handouts, or other visual aids in your presentation.  You should do you presentation as if we (the class) have money that we want to give to sociological research and you need to convince us that your idea is the one we should fund.

Below is a guide to doing a research proposal.  After that is an (incomplete) list of some sociolical journals.

Drafting a Research Proposal 
Taken from:
Subject: The Negative Effects Of Labeling

GRADE: 60%
“It was a good start and had some good ideas, but needed more.”

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