BEAU | SS205, Week 9

Assigned Reading:
Chapter 14: Population And Urbanization (375-403)

Current Event:

Article: Why The Huge Interest In The 1940 Census?
Links: Official 1940 Census | |

“Demography” Paper:
According to the text book, “Demography is the study of the size, composition, growth, and distribution of human population.” (Henslin, 2011) While you may consider strictly demographic data (fertility, mortality, and migration) for this assignment, you may also go beyond demography and consider topics and questions that we have discussed previously. In this assignment, you will use sociological data online to answer a question that may interest you.

Here are two websites that you should use:
The United Nations Population and Vital Statistics Report
Quick tables from the General Social Survey:
Using the data from these websites, generate a chart or a table that shows the issue(s) that interest(s) you and discuss what you found. Include the chart(s) and/or table(s) with your assignment. Point out interesting relationships between variables and discuss how this relates to theories that are found in the text book. Does what you see confirm or contradict what the author says. You may also relate this to other articles or sources that you are beginning to find for your final paper. This assignment can (and should) be used as a way to prepare for your final paper and presentation. You can discuss a topic that you plan on exploring in your final paper. In fact, it is fine (and even encouraged) if you use the material for this paper in your final paper. This paper should be at least 2 pages, typed, and double-spaced not including tables and/or charts.

Reading Quiz:

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