BEAU | CA111, Week 6

Mechanical Perspective

Comic Book Examples: (6)

Sketches: (6)

Final Drawing: (1)
Media: Graphite on Drawing Paper.
Size: 18×24
Due: August 28th

  • Draw an interior of a room using the Mechanical Perspective technique.
  • I want to see te working perspective as well as te mechanical perspective lines on this. So really your finished room should probably be around an 8×10 when you’re through.
  • This is a difficult concept for some to grasp, so give it your best try.
  • Also, if you have trouble understanding this, please let me know and I will do what I can to help you get it. Stay late if you have to. I do not mind.

Include the following:

  • 2 walls (20/20) with Crowning Molding and A Baseboard
  • 1 Door/Archway (10/10)
  • 1 Window (10/10)


Dylan – this is sexy! It is a fabulous drawing/ Fully finished and everything. Excellent – You’re the 1st perfect score of the class! Keep it up!

Final Grade:

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