BEAU | CA111, Week #2

Drawing Of a House in 1 Point Perspective





  • Select a picture of a simple house to base your drawing off of.
  • Using general shapes, sketch in the side of the house that is parallel to you.
  • Draw a horizon line and select your vanishing point.
  • Using 1pt perspective, draw all depth lines to the vanishing point.
  • Add a fence, a road, a checkered, evenly divided sidewalk, and at least 2 trees.
  • Draw each of these using 1pt perspective.
  • Get 80% of your drawing done first, and then work on the 20% (details).
  • Note: Do not spend all your time in the details on the part of the house that is parellel with the picture plane. This is an assignment on 1pt perspective. I want to see what is happening with the lines going back to vanishing point.

1 Perspective Final Drawing

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