BEAU: Sm. Business Management


This course introduces small business management in the real world.

Topics include writing business plans, financial report analysis, business acquisition, government  regulations and legal issues affecting small businesses, site selection, assessing future prospects of a business. There is a major focus on entrepreneurial activities and traits of entrepremeurs. Studentts integrate their work and life experiences with case studies, class projects and discussion as they investigate problems and opportunities involved in operation of  small businesses.

Bob Trewartha

Small Business Management
ISBN 9780324827835



  1. Define Small Business and identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of entrepreneurial activities and identify the traits necessary for entrepreneurial success.
  3. Demonstrate the elements of planning process by writing a business plan.
  4. Describe the ethical and social issues involved in the operation of a small business.
  5. Recognize common financial reports and statements.
  6. Discuss the nature of risk management.
  7. Identify sources of financing both private and public.
  8. Discuss the ways new businesses may be formed and/or acquired.
  9. Describe the site location process for selecting locations and facilities.
  10. Identify areas of government regulation impacting small business.
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of total customer statisfaction in all ares of small business operation.


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