BEAU: MK225, Unit 10

Assignment A

Assignment A Question:

Go into the online Library through the classroom library link. Enter the Subscription Databases page. Using a search engine on this page, find an article related to online surveys. In the first 1-2 paragraphs, provide a summary of the article. In the next 1-2 paragraphs, explain how the information in this article relates to concepts in Chapter 16, such as structuring a survey, defining your target audience, and monitoring the survey. Support your answer with evidence. Incorporate concepts from our text. Do not look for an article on the Internet; using the Library is a requirement of the assignment. Articles from the Internet, especially, will not be accepted.

You must include a proper APA formatted reference with your assignment. Please submit your work in an MS Word file as an attachment and include your first initial, last name as part of the file name.

Assignment A Answer:

Online surveys are a convenient way to receive feedback from customers. In recent years, the response rate to these surveys has diminished over 50%. The reason for the decrease is the lack of engagement they create or boredom. There are many resolutions to this issue. Some suggest adding color and imagery, while other suggest shorter, less winded questions. Understanding of social psychology assists how to write and construct questions and scenarios.

The concepts from the article work hand in hand with with our lesson. Social psychology  aids in structuring the survey, creating specific question to get specific answers. Sampling & piloting helps define the target audience and monitor the survey in small from before it is mass released.

Puleston, J. (2011). Improving online surveys. International Journal Of Market Research, 53(4), 557-560. doi:10.2501/IJMR-53-4-557-562

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