MK225 | Unit 10, Discussion

Discusion Question:

Many of us have taken surveys online or even participated in online focus groups.  Visit the Survey Monkey website or another free online survey website and design your own 3-5 question survey about a topic that relates to your course project. Post the link to the discussion board. You may also want to post the link to the subject of your course project. (It will take you about 15 to 30 minutes to register and design a survey.)

Discusion Answer:

Marketing Apple products is the subject of my course project.

Here is the link to my survey:

Food For Thought Question:

As we begin our Week 10 Discussions, let’s review the following clip regarding
creating online surveys:

Let’s begin our discussion, what are your thoughts regarding these surveys?

Food For Thought Answer:

I feel that these surveys can provide a lot of information to a company by finding out what customers like, hate and suggest for improvements or innovations.

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