MK225: Unit 7 Discussion Question

Discussion Question:
Many people participate in social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn and engage in direct experience with online communities. As a marketer, how would you advise firms seeking to interact with those communities? What preference, if any, do you think people give to purchase recommendations that come from within those communities? How trustworthy do you think people consider other members of those communities to be?

Discussion Answer:

As a marketer,  I would advice firms to take a focused to social networking sites. Facebook has a strong presence in the business world, as well as with the personal world. There was many ways to market your business on Facebook with free pages and groups as well as paid advertising as well. MySpace has declined sharply the few years and barely hanging on. Unless you are in the music business I would steer clear and even then… LinkedIn has a strong following with business professionals and has the ability to set up company pages where up dates can be posted.

Facebook is a large community and word of mouth about products and services are one of the best pros of the business. Although, there is a possibility of scammers and spammers on these sites. These sites and your connections are your peers, trust is generally a large part of friendships.

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