Unit 5: MK225 Internet Marketing (Discussion Question)

Discussion Question:

After reading chapter 7 and developing a good understanding of persuadable moments, think of a time when you had a persuadable moment and what you did or might have done online that could have indicated you were in a persuadable moment.  How could internet marketers identify you as more likely to buy something at the moment, what were you more likely to buy at that moment and what could internet marketers have done (or did) to nudge you along in the buying process? (Hint: Discounts and coupons are not persuadable moments; they can be reactions by marketers to persuadable moments once those moments are identified.)

Discussion Answer:

As a graphic designer and a t-shirt & jeans guy, one of my favorite websites in the world is Threadless (http://www.threadless.com). From time to time, they run amazing sales (even down to $5) and this is when I get out my wallet. My persuadable moment One time I was only going to purchase one shirt, but they were having a sale where the shirts were around $12 each. Due to the low cost I was persuaded to purchase more shirts. Free shipping was the major nudge to purchase more to reach the free shipping status.

Professor Question:

Please review the following clip regarding consumer self-control and persuasion:

What are your thoughts regarding these concepts?

Professor Question Response:

I definitely agree standing on a harder surface would effect how I would react. When you are uncomfortable, you tend to focus on that discomfort and are unable to give full attention to other things going on.

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