BEAU: MK225 – Internet Marketing, Unit 4

Assignment Question: 

Go to a news web site such as CNN’s or MSN’s sites. (Links to these sites are provided in the Additional Learning Resources folder for this Unit.) Explore the site. Walk through the possible closed loop marketing steps for various advertisers on the site. In a one page summary, assess how many revenue sources you can identify on each site. You should be looking not only for obvious sources such as banner advertising, but also try to determine whether the site has sponsorship revenue, keyword advertising or potential commission revenues. Next, click through some of the obvious revenue sources – a banner ad is a good starting point. Are you directed to the product home page, or to another promotional site? Are you asked to register with the site? What other methods might exist for tracking the customer contact but are not evident?

Assignment Answer:

I selected the MSNBC website ( for the purpose of this assignment question. To start off, the way MSNBC presents their advertising is not overly invasive.

There is an advertising banner just below the header of most of the pages (that expands) that promotes a product or service that may have a connection with the content presented via keyword advertising, I rarely visit this site so it doesn’t know how to read me yet. The next advertising spot on the website is a square banner on the right side of the website, under the main headline photo. Much like the like the header advertisement promotes products that may have a connection to the content. Further down is a is a wide web banner that is different than the previous two. The final advertising spot that I located on the page is at the bottom of the page labeled “ Deals & Tips” which means they are sponsored links.

When I click on the ads, the majority of them connect directly to the websites, except for the insurance ads offering quotes. These insurance links bring you to a form to fill out your information.

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